OSCEAN is a free desktop content environment, a minuture Operating System running inside whatever OS (Windows, Apple, Linux), you are using. You can add, create and edit programs in OSCEAN to customize your desktop your way. The Abstract Network integrated into the core of OSCEAN allows for the programs on the system to communicate with each other and to collaborate with other users, computers or programs connected toghether through a network. At the very heart of OSCEAN is the spirit of Open Source, the idea that source code that creates the programs running your computer should be made open so that users may learn from it, edit it and improve it.

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Abstract Network
The Abstract Network is an interface in the core of OSCEAN that allows users, programs and data spread across many computers to work toghether as one.
Delta is the data representation module in OSCEAN. It's a way to represent complex data as parts that refer to existing parts. It allows rich data like pictures and videos to be represented in a more meaningful (in a meta-data context) way while taking up less hard drive space.
Human Interface
OSCEAN interacts with the user using many different interfaces to allow the user to communicate with the computer and get things done in a more human way.
NewRon is an Artificial Intelligence program working inside OSCEAN as a system manager and as a personal assistant to the user. It's allows the user to communicate with the computer through a more Human Interface of speech and gestures.

Abstract Network

The OSCEAN Abstract Network is an interface hidden behind OSCEAN that links the main aspects of OSCEAN (people, data and data) toghether.

The People's Network

The focus of OSCEAN is how we, the users, communicates with the digital world. The NewRon Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) module is powered by a neural network based off of AbstractNetwork. This approach allows for many different versions of NewRons on many different computers to be linked toghether to form a larger network that'd be able to harness the collective intelligence of all of the sub-modules. The Abstract Network is also used as the base for the file system. Though it's represented as a network, it doesn't have to be seen as one. While the Abstract Network works under the hoods, the Human Interface module makes accessing and using files on your computer simple and intuvitive by presenting them in a myriad of formats.

The Data Network

The Delta Data Representation Model extends off of the Abstract Network to represent data as a network of many smaller chunks of data. This allows for all types of data, including rich media such as video and audio, to be represented in a modularized, easily distrubuted and easily compressable form.

The Program network

Since programs are essentially a type of data also, they also extend off of this functionality. In OSCEAN, features found in one program can easily be imported and used in anothe program. This allows for rapid development of programs without the need to reinvent the wheel a billion times over.

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Note that OSCEAN is currently a concept project in developement. The statements describe the main goals of the project and may not reflect the current capabilities of the program