OSCEAN is a free desktop content environment, a minuture Operating System running inside whatever OS (Windows, Apple, Linux), you are using. You can add, create and edit programs in OSCEAN to customize your desktop your way. The Abstract Network integrated into the core of OSCEAN allows for the programs on the system to communicate with each other and to collaborate with other users, computers or programs connected toghether through a network. At the very heart of OSCEAN is the spirit of Open Source, the idea that source code that creates the programs running your computer should be made open so that users may learn from it, edit it and improve it.

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Abstract Network
The Abstract Network is an interface in the core of OSCEAN that allows users, programs and data spread across many computers to work toghether as one.
Delta is the data representation module in OSCEAN. It's a way to represent complex data as parts that refer to existing parts. It allows rich data like pictures and videos to be represented in a more meaningful (in a meta-data context) way while taking up less hard drive space.
Human Interface
OSCEAN interacts with the user using many different interfaces to allow the user to communicate with the computer and get things done in a more human way.
NewRon is an Artificial Intelligence program working inside OSCEAN as a system manager and as a personal assistant to the user. It's allows the user to communicate with the computer through a more Human Interface of speech and gestures.


The NewRon Artificial Intelligence module is an important aspect of OSCEAN. It takes the OSCEAN interface to a new level by adding a personal touch through an A.I. that can learn your digital habits and adapt to it.

The Learning Machine

NewRon is a learning machine that is capable of learning from a variety of user inputs such as video, audio, text, mouse gestures, key strokes and much more. It uses the Abstract Network and the Delta Data Representation Module to make the bits and bytes in these rich data types reveal more information by studying the way the unkown pieces of information link toghether with the known ones. NewRon utilizes a variety of artificial intelligence algorithms and practices to achieve the level of simulated intelligence needed to help the user carry out routine tasks and take care of the mundane hassles of the digital life. It uses Markov Chains to generate structurally and gramatically correct text outputs to communicate with the user using their natural language, whatever it may be. While Markov Chains are used to create the gramatic structure of the sentence, the main subject and content of the conversation is generated by a neural network. This combination of markov chains, neural networks, heuristic logic, baysean rules along with a few other techniques allow NewRon to simulate intelligence almost to a level from which the user can communicate with it and give it commands as if talking to another person.

The System Manager

NewRon serves as a primary administrator in OSCEAN. It takes care of things like backup and defragmenting automatically behind the scenes according to need. It worries about the digital health and security of your computer so that you don't have to!

A Helping Hand

NewRon can also help you get things done faster. It's able to work with programs, commands and data in innovative ways to help you save time and effort whether you're trying to find information when researching for a school project, trying to visualize data analyzing the stock market or drawing a picture for your website. It's able to integrate with online APIs to help connect you with the resources you need. It's sometimes even able to do your job for you, or atleast make it easier, through installable extentions.

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Note that OSCEAN is currently a concept project in developement. The statements describe the main goals of the project and may not reflect the current capabilities of the program